So much disturbs me about the United States and the directions it seems to be taking , that it’s hard to know where to start.  But, values would be a good general point of reference.

Just what are our values now, and do they work?  The way I see it, our values are exemplified by how our government functions and how we live.  They are skewed toward money, toward abdication of responsibility, toward hedonism or escapism.  Our representatives kowtow to the super rich and corporations and allow them to get by without much if any responsibility to our society.  We, the people,  use excessive drugs, sex, food, and online nonsense in our daily lives in order to avoid facing the dilemma we’re in.  Do those values work?  No.  The super wealthy and corporations basically run this country and the rest of the world for their benefit, without regard for the planet or the people on it.   The rest of us grub along, struggling to survive,drinking, drugging, or eating–trying to forget that we are in the loosing positions we’re in–abdicating responsibility, refusing to think, going along with whatever party line we most closely identify with.

What would our values be if we thought we had a choice, and would they work?  One, Wall Street would not be the primary indicator or guide of our economy.  It doesn’t reflect our real economy now, but rather the results of some insane form of high stakes gambling.   Our economy would be much more than anything Wall Street manipulators could cook up.  Our real economy would be reflected in how well everybody lives–how satisfied we are with the work we do, how well we are able to live off our salaries or the businesses we run, how healthy we are physically, mentally, emotionally.  Our economy would be fashioned out of the products of our imaginations, our passions, our education, our work –not out of the profits of  Wall Street or the monied few or employment statistics; out of our schools, our architecture, our art, our crafts, our literature, our farms, our oceans, our bridges, our highways, and our communities, our health care centers, and our medical institutions.  And our economy would be reflected in the health of our planet, our oceans, our rivers, our streams, our air, our soil.






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