I’ve been watching both parties’ debates with much interest, in large part because Trump holds views regarding immigration that rightly belongs to the Democratic Party, but which it doesn’t dare to espouse, because it just might lose a bunch of votes from people of color and their advocates.  In that respect Trump advocates for the citizens of this country  better than the Democratic Party does.  The only problem is, he would make a terrible president, because he’s impulsive, sloppy in his presentation, doesn’t think well on his feet, and is childish—he acts like a thirteen year old bully.

Lately the other Republican candidates are acting a lot like Trump.  Are they thinking that that would put them on a level playing field with him?  Why would they want that?

The contrast between the Party debates has been remarkable.  The Democrats act like adults. They make sense.  Orchestrated?  Yes, but beautifully, civilly orchestrated.  The Republicans act like they are in a middle school playground brawl.


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